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Blackmore End Taxis Reviews

Customer Feedback 4.5 out of 5 (34 Total Reviews)

  • Excellent meet and greet, did not have to waste a lot time in checking out of airport and finding taxi.

    Sam Gordon Harpenden Taxis Reviews

  • Found not a single scratch on car, nice color and well maintained. Powerful air conditioner and comfortable features, over all a perfect choice for Blackmore end residents.

    Lauren Soley Harpenden Taxis Reviews

  • Nice sound system and updated music in collection. Enjoyed my drive from Blackmore end to Harpenden, Sandridge and then Kempton.

    Luke Hemmings Harpenden Taxis Reviews

  • Featured car with comfortable seats, music system & Air conditioner. I could have become stone like hard if waited in queue for public transport in such a low temperature. I thought if taxi is affordable then why I should wait. Used for the second time and really loved the services.

    Cameron Hackett Harpenden Taxis Reviews

  • It is hard for a chain smoker to wait a moment without smoking cigarette. Stopped the driver by the side of road to Whitwell for 3 to 4 minutes. The driver waited silently in the car and did not say a single word but instead asked me a moment later to stop if I wanted to smoke cigarette. Such a nice and kind person.

    Jacob Strozier Harpenden Taxis Reviews

  • Immediately called the driver after I released that I had a handbag. Retrieved my stuff at the same place he dropped me in 10 minutes.

    Neil Plumbley Harpenden Taxis Reviews

  • I would recommend the service in winter season. I booked the ride of a week to visit all place and enjoyed Christmas holidays at Redbourn, Whitwell and Blackmore. Nice drivers and low rates.

    Suzie Plumbley Harpenden Taxis Reviews

  • Called the taxi 2 hours ahead to have a pick me up at 1 pm. The taxi showed up at 1:04 that was quick. My request was followed in just 4 minutes.

    Tiana Rose Young Harpenden Taxis Reviews