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Kimpton Taxis Reviews

Customer Feedback 4.5 out of 5 (34 Total Reviews)

  • Felt like a five star service, trained driver, low rates and timely.

    Sam Gordon Harpenden Taxis Reviews

  • I was in rush to go to work for my shift & I am unacquainted with Kimpton area. When I called the driver to come to that area, he requested me for 15 minutes waits. I thought to prefer another taxi while I was looking for another taxi around 5 to 7 minutes the driver called me that he was waiting there. Great services.

    Adeel Ahmad Harpenden Taxis Reviews

  • I arrived at my destination in Blackmore end having unintentionally left my phone in the taxi. My friend called my phone for me and therein, the driver, responded and kindly offered to drop the phone at my home. I was shocked and happy, Thank you so much.

    Anton Lewis Joseph Harpenden Taxis Reviews

  • Ordered ride to a function. Driver was 20 miles away, than called me after 2 minute to send for me another driver available in that area. Fastest alternatives ever.

    James Cowie Harpenden Taxis Reviews

  • Absolutely love the taxi! The customer service is perfect! I constantly get a good vibe from the drivers. Never had any problem. They let me play my music. Highly recommend.

    Marie Mcgivern Harpenden Taxis Reviews

  • Skilled driver, felt safe from his driving, no problem at all with fares. 5 star service.

    Marco Marroni Harpenden Taxis Reviews

  • The driver himself check for me his taxi for any remaining item, took out my stuff from the trunk, luggage from inside of the car and put it front of me. Nice person and services.

    Elley Smith Harpenden Taxis Reviews