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Markyate Taxis Reviews

Customer Feedback 4.5 out of 5 (34 Total Reviews)

  • Exact payout for sand ridge to Redbourn transfer. I requested quote before availing the services I thought the quote could be estimated amount but I am pretty astonished when I paid the same amount as it was mentioned in the quote.

    Callum Tanner Harpenden Taxis Reviews

  • Driver was very humors guy, never had such a person before while traveling. I had stomachache from laughing so much and the journey was awesome. You guys earned my loyalty such an awesome service for people of Markyate. Fair prices and services you guys cannot have a competitor for a long time.

    Liz Walker Harpenden Taxis Reviews

  • Got refund with a little deduction for cancellation of taxi one hour before dispatch timing. Didn't charge me superfluous charges and that is a wonderful thing about the company.

    Sarah Roberts Harpenden Taxis Reviews

  • Affordable and excellent services, the driver himself put my luggage in trunk and he requested me get inside the car and took out for me my entire luggage at airport. Self-services are difficult for an old man but at least there is such taxi service with such manners and know to respect people.

    Michael Peters Harpenden Taxis Reviews

  • Spent half of my life in Markyate and Redbourn. Such a dedicated service in these places.

    Liban West Harpenden Taxis Reviews

  • First experience is always a last experience for many people I have travelled a lot and availed thousands of taxi services but this service is among one of the best.

    Joe Gregory Harpenden Taxis Reviews

  • Punctual, well-dressed, well-mannered, respectable and jolly driver.

    Sam Cowell Harpenden Taxis Reviews

  • Expected to reach to airport from Markyate in 1 hour and 10 minutes. I thought fairs would be high enough for such a service but shocked to pay affordable and comparative fares.

    Chris Findlay Harpenden Taxis Reviews