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Redbourn Taxis Frequently asked questions

  • Can i cancel my journey?

    Yes, if you wish to cancel your journey or don't want to avail taxi service you have a "flexible booking" option to cancel your requested taxi, you will not be charged if you cancel before the allotted time, after that you will be charged a little amount. But if you cancel when the driver is at your door step you will be charged some money according to company policies. If you have paid in advance you will be refunded the amount you paid after deduction of cancellation charges.

  • What kind of booking options you have?

    We offer two types of booking, flexible and fixed. Flexible booking allow you to change your travel schedule without any extra charges but under a specified time after which the booking option is automatically converted to fixed type booking. If you wish to make changes in fixed booking you are allowed but on cancellation you will be refunded your amount after some deduction. We also offer VIP booking services which allow you to change or cancel booking anytime without any deduction. To avail VIP services you need to pay little extra charges at the time of booking.

  • Can i make amendments in my booking?

    Yes, you can make amendments in your booking under a specified time after which the booking option is converted to fixed type.

  • Do I have to pay for baby seats?

    No, baby seats are free and you don't have to pay. We offer all kind of baby seats according to UK law and travel policies. Our utmost concern is baby's security and we take care of all kind of travel needs.

  • Can i book a two-way or return taxi?

    Yes you can make a two-way or return booking. For that, you need to mention your interval time between departure and return, before booking. Our company offers free 15 minute driver-waiting policy. After that, you will be charged on per minute basis.

  • Do you monitor flight timing?

    When you call us for booking we will seek important information from you and will keep in our record so that our driver can monitor your flights. We stress on our customer services and provide you services with satisfaction. Once you have paid the fairs in advance, your hassle free journey is our responsibilities.

  • When Can I book a taxi?

    For intercity travel you can avail a taxi anytime but for a smooth process, we recommend airport taxi booking 12 hours before flight departure.

  • How can I book a taxi?

    When you mention your pick up and drop off location in our online “get a quote” application , you will get a quote and booking option at the same time or you can call us on our customer call center number and we will book for you.

  • What kind of payment options is available?

    You can either pay by cash or by credit card both options are available.

  • Do you have vehicles available for a family?

    Yes, we offer an extensive range of vehicles from Saloon to Minibus hence all kind of vehicles are available to meet your requirements.