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Wheathampstead Taxis Frequently asked questions

  • How do you find your customers at the airport?

    We raise name plates the airport when our customer who books the taxi arrives and finds his name on name plat meets our driver.

  • How long your driver waits at the airport?

    Standard wait time is 15 minutes. During that time passengers can leave the terminal at ease or can walk to have window shopping but they have to arrive within 15 minutes. After 15 minutes we passengers are charged on minutes based for waiting.

  • Are there any booking cancellation charges?

    Yes, there are some service charges when you cancel your booking but only if you cancel after a given time. You are given a specific time under which you can cancel without charges.

  • How can I make amendments, if I want, in my booking?

    You can call us to make amendments in your booking. Your call will be received by our representative and you will be guided through entire process.

  • Can I use the same taxi for two way travel?

    Yes, you can avail the same taxi for return journey as well.

  • Do I have to tip the driver?

    As an appreciation you can tip to the drivers if he helps you in carrying your luggage and provide any other service.

  • Should I make payment by cash or by credit card?

    We leave it up to you. It is your choice whether you pay by cash or by credit card. Both options are available for you.

  • How can I request child car seat?

    You can request a child car on a phone call. The number is provided on top right corner of the website. You can contact our staff for further information and queries.