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Whitwell Taxis Reviews

Customer Feedback 4.5 out of 5 (34 Total Reviews)

  • No difference in quoted amount and fare paid on the spot. No extra charges and deductions.

    Jennifer Lewis Harpenden Taxis Reviews

  • Timely sent car, took me to the Luton airport well in time. Nice and safe driving.

    Reece Miller Harpenden Taxis Reviews

  • Friendly customer services, no long queues and waits. Answered my call in less than a minute and booked my taxi in a minute.

    Kyle Evans Harpenden Taxis Reviews

  • One of the best services in Whitwell. I would recommend and would use the same service.

    Steve Brown Harpenden Taxis Reviews

  • Luxurious car with a verity of music played my own collection of music and driver had no problem with that.

    Leia Osborn Harpenden Taxis Reviews

  • Driver was calm and patience person did not find him angry even of minute on the busiest road.

    Nicola Docherty Harpenden Taxis Reviews

  • Professionalism and excellent moral judgment. This was my first attempt to book the taxi in regard to an event it costed me 200 pounds.

    Joanne Jopling Harpenden Taxis Reviews

  • Sent me driver in 3 minutes after my call. The driver showed up at my door. I like the service.

    Indiana Danton Harpenden Taxis Reviews