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Harpenden Save the Children 50th Anniversary Tea

We are pleased to operate in an area that has a strong focus on supporting charities and helping people who are less fortunate. These are difficult economic times for most people, but it is good to know that there is still a helping hand being extended to people who need assistance and guidance in life.

There are many great charity events to enjoy and support in Harpenden but one event that has a lot of people excited about supporting is the a Harpenden Save The Children 50 th Anniversary Tea party. This event takes place on the 30 th of July and with a start time of 1530, there looks set to be a couple of fun and tasty hours in the heart of Harpenden. The Deputy Town Mayor will be on hand to celebrate the 50 th anniversary of a group that has helped so many people across the country.

Harpenden Save the Children 50th Anniversary Tea

A good afternoon is in store at this charity event

The vast majority of people are happy to support charity groups that are aimed at making children's lives better and Save The Children is one of the most instantly recognisable charities in the United Kingdom. While a lot of the focus will be on celebrating the charity group and raising awareness of its activities, there is also fun to be had and the afternoon/early evening event is sure to be a great way to relax and catch up with friends and people from the local community.

This is the sort of event that Harpenden Taxis is keen to promote and support in the local community. Anyone that requires assistance getting to or from the event should contact Harpenden Taxis and we'll be on hand to ensure you can relax and enjoy the journey.