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Natural History Museum at Tring

The Natural History Museum at Tring was set up in 1889 and it houses the stunning collection of Walter Rothschild. If You want to see a fine array of zoo collections, this is the attraction for you in St Albans.

Natural History Museum at Tring

View animal specimens from around the globe

This is the ideal tourist attraction for anyone that has a love of animals. The Natural History Museum at Tring houses a wide selection of creatures from tiny beetles all the way through to the largest bears. Anyone looking to explore these animals in great detail will love this venue.

There is a tremendous level of diversity surrounding the collection, which should mean that there is something for everyone. While individuals are more than welcome along to the attraction, this is something that groups or families will find of particular interest.

There aren't too many chances to see as many animals and creatures in one location than here. While there is a high level of focus on the animals, there is also a focus on history at this venue. Anyone looking to find out more about life in the late 1800s and early 1900s will find that the Natural History Museum at Tring is a fantastic place to enjoy a day out.

There is a range of exhibitions to explore

Like most good museums, the Natural History Museum at Tring has a range of core exhibits and then exhibits which change or are updated over times. This encourages people to come back from time to time because there will always be something new on offer.

There is a range of exhibitions to explore

There is also the welcome addition of a range of specialist classes.

These classes focus on a particular animal, time or creature so if you or someone you know has an interest in a particular aspect on show at the museum, look out for these specialist classes.

The museum is also highly regarded for creating lesson plans and activities aimed at toddlers and young children.

These are very family friendly events, allowing parents the chance to develop an interest in animals in their kids while also having the chance to meet other parents.

Learn about Walter Rothschild

While the animals on display and the sense of history is fascinating at the Natural History Museum at Tring, there is another hugely intriguing story about this venue. This is because the story of Walter Rothschild is extremely interesting and the museum provides an insight into his driven and focused life.

Enjoy the Choral Evensong

The story begins with the 7 year old child making a promise to set up a museum and follows this tale all the way through the collection being put into place. There is a Walter Rothschild room at the museum which allows you to learn a lot about the man that brought this museum to life.

Whatever you have an interest in, you'll find that the Natural History Museum at Tring is an ideal way to spend your time.