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St Albans Cathedral

While there are many popular tourist attractions in St Albans, St Albans Cathedral is generally considered to be the leading attraction for visitors and guests.

Visit the Shrine of St Albans

Visit the Shrine of St Alban

The Shrine of St Albans is likely to be the key reason why so many people visit this religious building. There is a strong sense of history associated with the venue but with a history dating back to 429, the shrine is of particular interest.

St Albans Cathedral shouldn't just be considered as being a popular local attraction; it is one of the leading tourist attractions in the entire country.

In fact, in a list of most popular spiritual places to visit, St Albans Cathedral has been placed in the Top 5.

There is also a lot to be said for the fact that the cathedral is in daily use as a place of modern worship. Whether you are looking to visit an important historical site, a place of modern worship or a combination of both, this is a fantastic venue.

View the Medieval wall paintings

While the spiritual and religious aspect is a major factor for most visitors attending the cathedral, there is plenty for art lovers to enjoy. This is because there is a broad range of medieval wall paintings on offer and some of these are the oldest in the United Kingdom.

View the Medieval wall paintings

There are paintings that date back to the 12 th Century and if you are looking for an extensive collection of artwork from the 16 th Century, this is an excellent place to visit in St Albans,

St Albans Cathedral shouldn't just be considered as being a popular local attraction; it is one of the leading tourist attractions in the entire country.

There is also a fantastic array of coloured glass windows in the cathedral. These have been in place since 1989 when they were unveiled by Princess Diana.

While these windows are a relatively modern addition to the cathedral, they provide a traditional style and they have been welcomed by the local community.

Enjoy the Choral Evensong

If you are looking to be entertained during your visit, you should plan your trip to coincide with the Choral Evensong. This takes place every day of the week. The weekday sessions are held at 5pm, 4pm is the time for the Saturday sessions and if you wish to attend on Sunday, the session begins at 630pm.

Enjoy the Choral Evensong

The Cathedral Choir takes centre stage for this event and the group has developed an excellent reputation for their performances. Many guests travel a long distance to hear the performance. Anyone visiting outside of term time may find that they experience a shorter show or a performance from a visiting choir but it is always an interesting event.

One of the reasons that so many people appreciate the Evensong is that it reinforces the fact that St Albans Cathedral is still focused on providing religious and spiritual guidance. The performances are uplifting, memorable and they'll add something special to any trip to St Albans. If you are keen to hear your favourite hymns sung in a fantastic setting, this is an event you should find time for.