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Harpenden Film Society

One of the best things about a local community like Harpenden is that people with a similar or shared passion can find each other.

Get in touch and meet up

In a major city with a lot of people, it can sometimes be difficult to connect with people that like the things you like but in the modern era of social media, it has never been simpler for like-minded people to get in touch and meet up.

This is why the range of community groups is a very positive thing when it comes to Harpenden and the Harpenden Film Society is a great example of what can be achieved when people work together. It is easy to say that a lot of people like movies, they are one of the most popular entertainment options in the world. However, there are many people who have a massive passion for films and movies.

There are also people that have a strong love for certain films, films of a certain genre or era, or even for the work of certain actors, actresses, directors, writers or companies. There are so many ways to fall in love with films, and it is brilliant to know that your love and passion for films can be shared in your local community.

Make sure you arrive on time for the big film in Harpenden

Harpenden Public Halls

All of the films shown by the Harpenden Film Society take place at Harpenden Public Halls, which is located in Southdown Road. This is close to the local railway station and the High Street, so there shouldn’t be any issue or problem in finding the venue. Of course, given that there is a strict deadline for arriving with films usually starting at 8pm, it is important to arrive in good time. This is why booking a Harpenden taxi can take the stress and hassle out of attending any upcoming event.

The Harpenden Film Society is always looking to recruit new members and they are keen to be seen as a group that works for the whole community. This means anyone with any ideas or requests for films that can be shown in the future should get in touch. There is often a theme to the chosen film in a given month, so you may need to provide plenty of details in advance but the fact that so many people feel as though they play an active role in the Harpenden Film Society is a very positive thing.

While the film is the key aspect of any event, there is a chance to socialise with like-minded people. The price of a ticket to any Harpenden Film Society event usually also includes wine and nibbles, so if you are interested in meeting people and discussing your love of movies, this is definitely the sort of group you want to get involved with.

In Harpenden, there is a lot of focus on sporting groups and clubs, so it is good to know that there are clubs on offer which are more focused on entertainment and bringing people with a shared interest together.

Knowing that there is a major event happening every month gives you something to look forward to. With the films being shown in a more laid-back and relaxed setting than your standard multiplex cinema, you should find that you have the chance to watch movies in comfort and peace. Many people still see a trip to the cinema as being a luxury event that can be ruined by the modern day cinema experience.

The Harpenden Film Society provides some respite to the modern way of watching movies and there is always the chance to discuss the film or the latest movie news with the fellow attendees and members.

You can be a member of the Harpenden Film Society

If you like films and want to be in a group with likeminded people, you’ll find that taking out a membership of the Harpenden Film Society is affordable and simple. The membership costs £10 but with that you get annual membership which provides discounts on every film shown, a chance to vote on the films that will be shown and you can get involved with the AGM.

As the group is run for its members by its members, taking out a membership provides you with a genuine chance to have a say on the future of the organisation. Whether you are a genuine movie lover or you are looking to become part of a group that will allow you to socialise with a great community, the Harpenden Film Society is well worth joining or seeing.

Getting to Harpenden Film Society

If you need a quote for getting to Harpenden film society please use our Harpenden Airport Taxis page for more details.