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The 6 Best Harpenden Restaurants

We have collected the best 6 restaurants in Harpenden, Hertfordshire. It is good to be able to dine out and let someone else take care of the cooking and cleaning.

No matter what you are in the mood for, it is likely that Harpenden is going to be a place with plenty on offer, and this is just one of the reasons why the area is such a strong choice for commuters.

Godfrey Restaurants


Cuisines: Fast Food, British, Gluten Free

Google Reviews: Five Star 16 Reviews

Trip Advisor Reviews: Five Star 348 Reviews

For many people, fish and chips is the staple British food, and this is usually a very good way to judge a restaurant. If the restaurant gets the fish and chips right, they can be trusted and this is definitely the case when it comes to Godfrey's.

Located on the High Street, it is clearly a class above your local chip shop but the busy nature of the restaurant indicates that plenty of people are keen to come back on a regular basis.

Bar Azita Restaurants

Bar Azita

Cuisines: Mediterranean, Spanish

Google Reviews: Five Star 20 Reviews

Trip Advisor Reviews: Five Star 436 Reviews

Combining a love of Spanish and Greek food, Bar Azita has been recognised as offering a true taste of the Mediterranean in Harpenden. One of the great things about the focus on Spanish cuisine comes with tapas, which provides an affordable way to dine and a brilliant way to share with friends or a partner.

Found in Harding Parade, this is a conveniently located restaurant that provides something a little different from the general range of restaurants you will find in the local area.

The Vine Leaves Restaurants

The Vine Leaves

Cuisines: Mediterranean, Middle Eastern

Google Reviews: Five Star 16 Reviews

Trip Advisor Reviews: Five Star 272 Reviews

The Vine Leaves aims to provide a range of Middle Eastern dishes and it is small enough to be considered as a good place to visit for a romantic night out.

The restaurant is found in Vaughan Road and while it may not be the sort of menu that you come back for on a regular basis, there is a great deal to be said for making The Vine Leaves your choice for special occasions.

Silver Palate Restaurants

Silver Palate

Cuisines: Mediterranean, Greek, British

Google Reviews: Five Star 5 Reviews

Trip Advisor Reviews: Five Star 152 Reviews

It would be correct to say that Harpenden has a fair share of restaurants serving up Mediterranean dishes but the Silver Palate tries to add a dash of British style to the more exotic offerings.

It is open from breakfast time, so no matter when you are peckish, this should be a destination that has plenty to offer.

Lussmanns Harpenden Restaurant

Lussmanns Harpenden

Cuisines: British, Vegetarian, French, Mediterranean, Grill

Google Reviews: Five Star 6 Reviews

Trip Advisor Reviews: Five Star 261 Reviews

Lussmans on Leyton Road serves up a wide range of dishes, including French, Mediterranean and British meals.

With weekend lunches and plenty of vegetarian options, you’ll find that Lussmans is a great choice no matter who you are planning on dining with.

Okka Restaurants


Cuisines: Italian, Mediterranean, British

Google Reviews: Five Star 11 Reviews

Trip Advisor Reviews: Five Star 296 Reviews

For a true taste of Turkey, without having to resort to a kebab, you’ll find that Okka is the place to visit in Harpenden.

This is another High Street venue with a great atmosphere, so if you are looking to try something different, there will be plenty to enjoy at Okka.

Getting to Harpenden Restaurants

If you need a quote for getting any of the above restaurants, please use our Harpenden Airport Taxis page for more details.

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