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Markyate Taxis Frequently asked questions

  • How can book a taxi?

    If you want us to book a taxi for you, simply call us and will do it for you. You can find an online app on our website for quotation and car booking. You can also book online; online booking procedure is simple and not complicated.

  • Can I book a taxi in advance?

    We suggest our customers advance booking for airport transfer as many customers book cars therefore airport taxis are prepared accordingly. For local areas traveling our cars are available all the time.

  • How can I pay for a trip in advance?

    If you wish to pay in advance you can use credit card to make payment. Once you have done inserting location, date and time, the next option appears is booking. You can provide information to reserve your taxi.

  • How can I find estimated travel fares?

    With our online booking option you can get a quote of any city. Mention locations, date and time and get quota easily.

  • Do I need to pay if I return the taxi?

    Yes, you will only pay service charges for returning the taxi. You pay that amount to driver and driver will give you a receipt.

  • Do you allow amendments in booking?

    Amendments are only allowed when you contact us within in a specific time that is provided to you at the time of booking.

  • I am worried about misuse of my information.

    Don't worry about your information. We assure you safety of your information you provide us. Because you trust on us is more valuable.

  • What special assistance do you provide?

    People who are impaired physically and use special assistance we have special services for impaired people. To more about our special services call us.